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Product description


1. Automatically support the rotary table to ensure that the rotary table is not in contact with the template, to avoid friction loss caused by failure, while keeping the mold and the template parallel. 2. The turntable is controlled by a servo-hydraulic closed-loop control system with a high performance proportional directional valve, a high torque hydraulic motor, a high rotary encoder and a motion control card to ensure fast and accurate turntable rotation. 3. The turntable is equipped with a cooling water connection device and a new separate mold mounting excuse. 4. Injection part has two groups of independent single cylinder injection structure, synchronous injection action, two-color one-time molding, can greatly shorten the molding cycle. 5. Single-cylinder injection structure, small inertia, linear guide, injection smooth, high progress.

Value Advantage


Rotary wide plate clear two-color injection molding machine, suitable for automotive lampshade and People’s livelihood and other products.

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