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Structural characteristics


1. Specially designed high efficient large diameter screw, not only injection volume, but also shorten the storage time. 2. Using special screw cylinder, good plasticizing effect, fast melt glue, suitable for large injection. 3. Increased power system, more rapid injection speed, shorten the production cycle, improve production efficiency. 4. New rigid frame, more obvious shock absorption, more stable production. 5. The new clamping unit, coupled with a Factor of safety tie rod, improves the rigidity and stability of the clamping structure.

Increase the injection speed, forming fast


Increased displacement of the hydraulic system design, injection speed faster than the same type of products, shorten the molding cycle.

Stable injection, more worry-free


The injection part adopts integral base and double cylinder balance injection device, which makes the force of the screw rod even during the injection process and improves the stability of the injection glue remarkably.

High rigidity formwork


According to the characteristics of fruit basket die, professional design template, template stress distribution uniformity, small deformation, effectively improve the accuracy of products, using pressure center template structure, effectively improve the accuracy of products.

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